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May 12, 2015

The leading pair of Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay VelvetRanbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma – in conversation with team BoxOFFICE India

BoxOFFICE India (BOI): What is Bombay Velvet all about?

Ranbir Kapoor (RK): Anurag (Kashyap) had a vision to make this film, and he wrote Bombay Velvet eight years ago. He tried to make this film but was unable to map its budget. At that time, he was asking for much moreMONEY.

Anushka Sharma (AS): (Cuts in) Asking for moreMONEY?

RK: Yes, to make the film.

BOI: When he was in talks with Viacom18?

RK: He was talking to many people and I don’t think it was commercially viable. I still don’t think it is a commercially viable film. Ab toh ban gayi hai, budget bhi out hai. The promotions are underway and the filmWORKS only on that as it is not the kind of film that will be an opening film as it is based on its content. When the script was given to us, the film had all these characters, the dynamics between these characters, and their world back in the ‘60s. Even though we have this preconceived notion that Anurag Kashyap makes only dark, intense films, Bombay Velvet is his attempt to make a Hindi film where there is a hero, a heroine and a villain. And there is a love story, there is a ballet of Mumbai city of that era and a story that is very engaging.

AS: I agree! It is not a home video and is a very respectable film. All of us who were part of the film loved the process of making it. I don’t think I have experienced this kind ofWORKING environment before. In terms of the sets that were made, the kind of milieu that was created, and the co-actors… everyone was top-notch in the film.  There is no actor that didn’t do well or was not up to the mark because everyone delivered spectacular performances. The experience was so very rewarding that it made me start looking at myWORK differently. I started questioning what am I going to do with my career. I think, for an actor to get to that place and question himself or herself, is a big deal and for a film to do that to you. I love the film and the reactions to it are spectacular. There is so much in the film that has held the entire genre intact and I think people will respect that.

BOI: You mentioned preconceived notions about Anurag Kashyap. Is this an accessible film for the audience?

RK: I would like to believe it because it was accessible to me. I can never judge what the audience will think and whether the film will work or not. But the script, my character and the whole set-up appealed to me. And when something appeals to me, I believe it will appeal to the audience. I had also liked the script of Besharam. I liked that character and thought the film would be fun. It wasn’t made in the best way possible and I think maybe we were too arrogant about the film. We got a reality check as the film didn’t work at the boxOFFICE. But we don’t know the formula for a successful film or, for sure, if the film will work or not.

That being said, there is a lot of negativity surrounding Bombay Velvet, you know, things like the film is over-budget, and there were also a couple of stories that my father saw and didn’t like. But he watched the film a week ago. So, you know, there was too much negativity attached to the film and it was upsetting but I guess we focused on trying to make a good film we believe in.

The audience no longer rushes to watch every new release. Now, a film has to make the audience feel there is something special about it and that they need to watch it in cinemas. We now have many sources of entertainment, so how do you make an ‘event film’? We thought the backdrop of the ‘60s and the fact that there is Anushka, Karan (Johar) and myself would be engaging. On these counts alone, this film can validate a certain budget. I mean, this is not your mainstream masala film, which has the potential of achieving a certain boxOFFICE number. But, like I said, there are many open-ended questions that you can ask us but we will not be able to answer. All we can say is that this is a film that we believe in and we made it; nowdekha jaega.

BOI: What was the response to the first trailer of the film? And why did you release a second trailer?

RK: The first trailer’s response was actually very low key; a couple of us expected that. It was not a good reaction. When you have a film of this nature, your first theatrical trailer is your main vehicle to generate curiosity among the audience as we don’t have chartbuster songs with a hero and heroine dancing. So it was very important for Anurag to prepare the audience and let them know what the film is about, and it is not about the songs or music videos being shot a certain way. As the music label has paid a certain sum ofMONEY and you also have to service them too. But the film is not selling the music, it is the music and the tracks that are mating the tone of the film and are based on the story.

So I confess that we don’t know how toMARKET this film as there is no set pattern we can follow, likeBang Bang wasMARKETED, or NH10, or even Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani as the film already had hit songs and we didn’t have much to do. So we don’t know how toMARKET this film. But we are trying to be honest about the communication. The film is dark with a murky backdrop. It is a love story, it is about good and evil, it is about Bombay city, it is about Anushka playing a jazz singer, and it is about this character Johnny who dreams of becoming a big shot. So we are preparing the audience for this.

AS: I think the response to the second trailer has been better and that is very reassuring.

BOI: Even Rishi (Kapoor) sir tweeted that he loved the second trailer.

AS: Yes.

RK: That is a great thing as he is not someone who would be politically correct. He loved the film too.

AS: I asked Ranbir whether he really meant the things he had said or whether it was because we were outside the trail show. Ranbir said, ‘No, if my father is saying something good, that means it is good.’ (Laughs)

BOI: When you areWORKING on a commercial film like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and PK, and then you do something that is off the beaten path like an NH10, does it change you as actors, how you approach the role?

RK: I don’t think so.

AS: Not at all.

RK: I was doing Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Wake Up Sid at the same time. I approached myWORK in the same way. Of course, it’s different characters, different worlds but you play your roles accordingly. When you’re working on a film, you completely surrender to it and don’t know whether it’s going well or not. You’re just focused on your work. I didn’t sign this film because it was an offbeat film. When we signed the film, we thought it was a very commercial Hindi film. If that doesn’t come through then that’s not in my hands. But when I was working on this film, we felt it was a very engaging film, very entertaining film, and a story people would relate to. We are not doing this film for self-satisfaction. It’s not a pseudo-intellectual film. We are not making it for the critics and we understand that box-office success is more satisfying than critical acclaim.

It is tough to blend art and commercial cinema. It’s easier to get away with an art film, regardless of how good or bad it is. That’s what I realised with Besharam, a genre where you are trying to appeal to the larger audience, or with films like Dabangg and Kick. It’s a very tough genre. With my generation of actors, it might take us some time to understand what a pan-India audience wants to watch.

AS: When you’re doing a film, you know who you’re catering to. For instance, when I was doing NH10, I knew who I was catering to. I am not going to expect business of ` 100 crore from NH10. It is satisfying enough when the audience you’re aiming at comes to watch your film.

RK: (Cuts in) Having said that, I don’t know whom Bombay Velvet is catering too. According to me, the story caters to a wide audience because the story of the film is one that has not yet been told.

AS: (Cuts in) The uniqueness of the film is that it cannot be categorised. You cannot determine the kind of audience that will watch this film. And that’s where we too are confused because we are getting into the arena together with the audience.

BOI: Anushka, this is your third release in the last six months – PK, NH10 and now Bombay Velvet and then Dil Dhadakne Do. And, Ranbir, conversely, you have a solo film after a year and a half, with Roy in between. What are the pros and cons of having back-to-back releases and gaps between releases?

RK: I have always maintained that I don’t have control over the releases of my films. Fortunately – and this applies to Anushka too – I amWORKING with filmmakers who are the best. And we are not the kind of actors who will say, ‘I don’t have a release’ or ‘I have to have a release this year’, or ‘I have two releases so push my film to next year’. We never do that. I don’t think itWORKS like that. Bombay Velvet

was to release in November and then they postponed it… The reason they postponed it was for the betterment of the film. Then it doesn’t matter whether your film releases in a year or in two years. But I do believe in ‘out of sight, out of mind’, and there are many actors coming out with good films. Although it’s fine if you come up with a good product in the end. Anushka didn’t have a release for such a long time and I used to ask her, ‘Are you okay?’ And she was fine. The directors we are working with excel at their craft. If they take time, it’s always for the betterment of the film.

BOI: But do you think there is such a thing as ‘over-exposure’, like four releases in seven months?

AS: It totally depends on the films. If they are good films and they are attaching some value to your career, then it’s great. Going back to what Ranbir said when I didn’t have any releases and people used to ask me if I was all right, I knew what I was working on and what films were to release. So I don’t have issues except for doing so much back-to-back promotions as I am not used to seeing myself so much on camera and in the news. But whatWORKS in my favour is that each of these films is very different from the others, so I am not getting typecast by genres. So it’s good to have films like this back-to-back.

BOI: Speaking of negativity… there is negativity about this film only within the industry. But when you talk to exhibitors, they say audiences are looking forward to watching Ranbir-Anushka on screen. They are waiting for May 15.

RK: (Cuts in) Yes, that is one thing we in the industry have to understand. We tend to look only inside our industry, listen to them and judge a film accordingly. We don’t have a relationship with the actual audience. We sit at home and think, ‘Twitter pe yeh bol rahe hain means yahi sahi hain.’ We don’t even know who is talking about it on Twitter. But one gets a sense of where this can lead. We also feel that the media has been negative towards Anurag and they went too deep into Anushka’s personal life. These were the topics discussed at press conferences whereas you feel you haveWORKED so hard on this film, so let’s talk about the film.

You are bang on when you say that the negativity is coming from our industry. Industry mein baith ke sochte hai ki agar Karan Johar or Excel Entertainment is saying something on Twitter that’s only correct. Which is wrong, everyone has their own perception.

BOI: But how do stars like you connect with the audience?

RK: It is hard but I believe I am very lucky toWORK with directors who have their own audience, whether Imtiaz Ali or Anurag Basu or Ayan Mukerji. I believe that these directors are doing a greatJOB and I contribute my life experiences and connect with their characters. But the hard work is actually being done by them. And I am lucky to work with them. I believe an actor is as good as the director he or she works with. In Bombay Velvet, if my performance and Anushka’s is too good but if the film is not good, it will not make any sense. It will have no meaning. You’re only as good as the film is. You’re only as good as the director is. And I think we are lucky to work with directors who have a sense of what’s happening in India. When I shoot in small towns like Shimla or a village in Chandigarh, I realise what are these films we talk about? That’s not the way the entire nation looks at cinema. At the same time, you want to do roles which you relate to, so you want to mix it up. You have to mix it up and make a film which connects with the audience and also which you can relate to. Because if you don’t believe in a subject, how will you act in it?

BOI: How do you connect with reality, Anushka?

AS: The simple fact of coming from outside the industry helps me a lot. Like how you guys were discussing about how people look at a film and discuss things. I never looked at a film in such detail; it either entertained me or it didn’t. Initially, when I used to hear those filmy chats, I used to wonder how theyMANAGED to talk so much. That’s not the way we looked at films.

But that’s not how we look at things; we are not looking into the texture and elements. I thinkI WILLhold on to that feeling. If there is anything I hold on to, it’s my upbringing, where I came from. That’s why I think I have maintained my sense of reality.

BOI: Has that changed after turning producer with NH10?

AS: I continued to think about the same things. Like I said, while producing the film, I knew what I liked in the film, what I wanted from the film and how I expected it to fare at the boxOFFICE. I connected with it and the understanding of honour killings was real. I can never know, he can never know, who is asking what and when. You do what seems right to you. And the fact that you want to make the film reach a larger audience serves the purpose of making a film and that you are doing something on a larger level.

BOI: Has your viewpoint on making films changed after you produced one?

AS: The films I pick up as an actor have to feel right to me, while the films I pick up as a producer are things that feel direct to me. You know, Megan Ellison, who founded Annapurna Pictures… she has become a source of inspiration for us. She has picked up films which were considered ‘history films’. They were not the super hit kind of films but they went to get that kind of business that we went on to get from the metro kind of film. Those are films I understand. I may not be able to understand films like Besharam, I am not going to understand a film like Happy New Year. I don’t get it; it doesn’t match my sensibilities. As an actor, we look at things differently. We look into our character and what is demanded from it but I can’t do it as a producer. For me, it has to be a story, if it’s a story that I understand, if it’s legit, something I like, then I would like to produce it.

BOI: What was exciting about Bombay Velvet?

AS: The whole world was so exciting,WORKING with Anurag Kashyap was very exciting, the role itself was very exciting. I don’t think anyone has ever attempted a role like that. And the world we created was very unique, especially for an actor. I wouldn’t have imagined myself taking a role like that, I don’t understand where this person  came from, the situations my character goes through since childhood, those are things I can’t relate to. I think this role was most unlike my personality and for me to attempt that was very exciting. Also, I have not seen this kind of love story on screen. It’s a love story between two children, two kids who are truly and madly in love with each other. It was something I haven’t seen before and it was something I felt I had to do.

BOI: What about you Ranbir? What was the most exciting thing about the script for you?

RK: Everything! The way the story of the film is, the world that is created, the characters and, I had never met Anurag Kashyap before this film. When I met Imtiaz Ali or Anurag Basu, I was coloured by the fact that I had toWORK with these directors. With Anurag Kashyap, I haven’t seen many, but it wasn’t for the director that I agreed toWORK on the film. I wasn’t coloured by the director attached to it. For me, it was primarily the script. That was something I get attracted to.

BOI: The fact that Bombay Velvet happened because of you… Did that put a special onus on you?

RK: No, by God’s grace, we have the ability to pull audiences to cinemas. If I didn’t do Bombay Velvet, if we had done another film, it was just my choice and I don’t take it as added pressure or responsibility. The film would still have merit even if I was not in it.

If it was Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, it would have been pretty. It would have come with its ownBUDGET and pressure that the film had to do this much business. But we have done the most with our budget.

BOI: Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers through this interview? What is that one message from Bombay Velvet that they should be aware of?

AS: I think it’s a very different film. When you watch it, you feel like someone has taken you to a different period, and that is exciting. Sometimes, when you watch period films, it is all about polka-dot dresses and football, which is a big cliché. This one is very real. It’s almost as if someone is taking you there. It is also a beautiful film with great performances by everybody and something you haven’t seen before. If you like it, come and watch it because you connect with it. It’s very difficult to explain. I connected with it.

RK: I also like to believe that I am a big fan of films, Bollywood or Hollywood. I make my own decisions and I don’t listen to actors or directors who tell me to watch a film.

AS: (Cuts in) True.

RK: We have put in a lot of hard work and a lot of passion and I hope and pray that people give the film a chance. I can’t tell you whether you will like it or hate it. We just want to know what you guys think about the film. So give the film a chance on May 15 and I hope we can reciprocate that trust you place in us.

Source: boxofficeindia

Anushka Sharma

Her mother may be happy to see her face on newspaper pages but Anushka Sharma feels actors should retain a certain amount of mystery and enigma for their audiences.

The 27-year-old actress, who has cemented her position as a bankable star with the success of PK and NH10, has been in the headlines recently be it her movie projects or her relationship with cricketer Virat Kohli. (Also Read: Ranbir and Anushka Sketched Virat Kohli. Did They do a Good Job?)

“Actors are overexposed today. Every time I open the newspaper, I see my face, I see myself on hoardings. It is overbearing to see myself so much. My mother is happy though. Till date, she gets excited to see my face in the newspaper,” Anushka said in an interview.

“But, I feel a certain amount of mystery should remain with actors, there should be some enigma. You should go and experience them onscreen,” she added.

The audience will get to experience Anushka’s performance in two back-to-back movies – Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet and Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do – releasing this Friday and on June 5. (Also Read: Ranbir, Anushka, Bombay Velvet ‘Big Shots’ Prep For Goa Concert. A Sneak Preview)

Bombay Velvet, where she is paired opposite Ranbir Kapoor for the first time, will see Anushka in an “internalised” role, quite opposite to her chirpy image. “Every actor has a certain energy which suits certain roles better. I was surprised when he (Anurag Kashyap) offered me this in 2011. It was scary to control one’s natural instinct and find another route to approach the part. It is a very internalised performance. Rosie does not say much in the movie. She expresses herself only through her songs,” said Anushka.

It is the first time that Anushka isWORKING with Ranbir and she is happy that their first film together is Bombay Velvet.

“I would not want any other film to be our first film together because it is so different from everyone’s perception. It is a very strong love story and I can’t see anyone else doing Johnny’s role because Ranbir is so good in it. We next have a quintessential love story in Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.”

Karan, meanwhile, isSHARING screen space with the pair as an actor in the period drama. He will be seen as the main antagonist Kaizad Khambatta, in the movie to Anushka’s Rosie Noronha and Ranbir’s Johnny Balraj.

“I don’t have many scenes with Karan but he has done great in the movie,” she said.

The actressCREDITS her instincts in selecting good projects. “I follow my instincts in selecting roles. In the first few years, I would pick the best from what I was being offered. This is why I did few films. But now I am in a better position to make good choices. Luckily, my choices have turned out to be good,” she said.

The actress, who starred and produced a gritty story like NH10, said she was discouraged about it. “More than theMONEY, it is the faith that you put in a project against all odds. People are dissuading you for various reasons but you make it purely on a creative level without trying to make everyone happy, which happens a lot here. It was difficult but not walking the beaten path was a big kick.”

Source: Movies NDTV

Honest, straight forward and someone who never beats around the bush – That’s Anushka Sharma for you. Right from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi to NH10, two films that have seen Anushka exploring different spectrums of the world of acting, Anushka has remained the same as a person, even though she has showcased different facets of her talent. While being the only actress in the triple century club (PK) and hitting a boundary with her maiden production (NH10), Anushka is now looking to scoring a hat-trick with Bombay Velvet where, in her own words, she has internalized her performance. Over to the lady!

A film like this can’t just be a director’s medium because as an actor too, a lot needs to be brought on board in order to live the filmmaker’s vision. How much were you involved in getting your part right?
I had to be involved quite a lot; one has to be as an actor, especially in a film like this. I had to look like someone from that period. Whatever meetings that I had with Anurag (Kashyap), I gathered a lot of information to make sure that it all looked real and authentic on screen. After all, Anurag has created an absolutely true atmosphere of Bombay from the 60s. Moreover, the character of Rosy is such that I had to come up with a very internalized performance. When you watch the film, you would realize that Rosy is not saying too much in the film. Everything is with her eyes and expressions. It is all very subtle.

That must have been tough, considering the fact that you are pretty outspoken in real as well as reel life, if your earlier films are taken into consideration?
Yes, naturally I am outspoken. Every actor has certain energy that suits her very easily. This is why when Anurag offered me this character, I was very surprised. It was way back in 2011 and I had just come out ofBand Baaja Baaraat. So I had this tag of being a Punjabi girl and I was wondering what did he see in me to be so convinced that I was right for the part. After all, the film has a completely different look, and there is so much of restrain and control required in the performance. This is why I say that according to me this is my most internalized performance.

In the interim period you did quite a few different films like Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl and Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola. It must have been tough to get into the mind of a jazz singer from the 60s?
Well, for starters I had to control my natural instinct. On top of that Anurag wasn’t someone who wanted me to do a lot of preparation or reading. I thought that he would be like that where he would want all us actors to come together and do the reading. However, he just wanted us to be on the sets and play it naturally. Guess he had some confidence in my abilities to get it right out there. So I also had a belief that ‘Chalo, it’s okay. If he too thinks so then it’s fine’. I went with the flow.

While you shot for the film, how did you go about understanding the world of Bombay Velvetand the vision that Anurag carried?
See, with all the directors, it does take some time for sure to understand what they actually want. I gathered that every day on theJOB and learnt about the world created for us. When you reach the sets, you start feeling the vibes of the 60s due to things and people around you. Apart from this, the vibe with the director is very important. In that aspect, Anurag is a very good judge; he knows what quality is required in an actor and what are the personal traits that need to be tackled.

There were certain vibes that must have been required to beSHARED with Ranbir too, considering this is your first film with him. Moreover, this is not a quintessential romantic film either. Were you apprehensive?
I wouldn’t have wanted any other film for our first time pairing. See, a lot of people wanted us together to do a romantic film, and I am happy that Bombay Velvet turned out to be one. This is a very strong love story and a passionate one at that. Ranbir is such a good actor and I can’t imagine anyone else to be able to play the part of Johny Balraj so well. I am really happy because we complement each other well in the film. Like I said, I don’t say too much in the film while Ranbir’s character is very reactive. A lot is happening in everyone’s head, what with secrets and all. We both had to make sure that the love story stood well. As for a quintessential love story, then we do start that in the August-September timeframe with Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Source: bollywoodhungama

- He had us even before hello (as always). She won us over with her warmth.
Anushka Sharma walked into the t2OFFICE and spotted Ranbir Kapoor on the cover of the Friday edition of t2 lying on the table. “Full posing!” she ribbed Ranbir. “That was natural!” countered Ranbir. “Full posing, full posing!” insisted Anushka, giggling in a gorgeous green floor-length kurta with slits up to her wow waist. “I was looking at the birds…” said Ranbir with a straight face, looking hot in a black hoodie jacket. “Which birds?” asked the t2 girls. “Er,
flying birds,” he grinned as everyone laughed out loud. And before we knew it, the easy chatter of the two stars, in the city to promote their May 15 release Bombay Velvet, filled the room as they had 40 minutes of pure fun.

Priyanka Roy, t2: Ranbir’s Johnny Balraj in Bombay Velvet wants to be a ‘big shot’. Who are the big shots in your life?

Anushka: (Points at Ranbir) His reply is me… he is constantly inspired by me (laughs)! A big shot (thinks)… I think it would have to be my father. He was in the army and obviously as a girl, you grow up in adulation of your dad and my father gave me enough reasons to…. Then, it would be Aditya Chopra because he kind of launched me in my first film (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) and put that faith in me, which nobody really had. In fact, people had dissuaded him from taking me in that film.

Ranbir: The person who had dissuaded him was…

Anushka: Karan Johar! Who’s now signed me for his own film (laughs). Ya, so I think the men in my life have been hugely, hugely inspirational and supportive of me. Including my brother (Karnesh) in his own way, he’s always there to guide me even though he’s not from the industry. He’s always been a big part of the decisions that I’ve taken.

Priyanka: So did you give Karan a tough time because of that?

Anushka: No… abhi toh matlab, he took me in the film (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) so he’s like, ‘Ya, I did my bit’ (laughs).
Ranbir: I think the two big shots in my life would be my grandfather Raj Kapoor and Messi the footballer.

Riddhima Khanna, t2: Did you see his goal against Bayern? 

Ranbir: Both his goals, ya.

Riddhima: Anushka, you never dress OTT. How did you mould yourself into the sexy siren Rosie Noronha for
Bombay Velvet?

Anushka: I think I’ve become a more patient person after the film. I used to hate sitting on that chair. For me, one hour or 45 minutes is the maximum that I can get my hair or make-up done. Beyond that, I think it’s criminal because you have to wake up so early as it is and then you have to come so many hours before to get your hair and make-up done. Kam se kam two hours for hair and make-up and then half-an-hour for costumes. And it was horrible. I don’t like getting ready so much. I’m not someone who blow-dries my hair; I just wash it and let it dry. So for me it was a big deal!

Karo Christine Kumar, t2: Well, you’re looking gorgeous today (Anushka teamed her green kurta with navy blue paisley-print pants and desi jootis, a look she held together with an Eina Ahluwalia necklace)….
Anushka: (Points at Ranbir) He made fun of my costume (laughs). As soon as I came out, he was like ‘Ha, ha ha!’ So tell him that, tell him! He was like ‘Are you going to wear this to the airport and back?’ I said, ‘Ya’. He said, ‘I’m not going to walk with you!’

Priyanka: Was there any time during the film when you really hated him?
Anushka: Ya. I love him and I hate him. And that hate is not like that dirty-waala hate, it’s like I get so annoyed with him that I just want to hit him. He can annoy me so badly. But that’s what makes us friends.

Asmita Nandy, second-year student of Loreto College and a Ranbir fan: Did you play pranks on each other on set?

Ranbir: I made her cry on the first day. (Everyone laughs) Not because…  it wasn’t intentional… but we were doing this big intense fighting scene for the first time…

Anushka: It was this romantic scene…

Ranbir: Okay romantic scene, and I guess it was her early days and she just wanted to get into the character so she was sitting on the steps in isolation and all. So I was… I don’t know, what was I doing?

Anushka: You were talking, talking, talking… so I’m like okay, whatever. Then what he started doing… it was very annoying… he started telling me, ‘Why is your right hand there? Why is your right foot coming out first?’ He’s like, ‘You’re pulling my hair, you’re pulling my hair’ because we had on these wigs. Then he told me, ‘You’ve spoilt the focus’. So I’m like, ‘What are you talking?’ So I asked the focus puller, ‘Maine kuch kharab kar daala?’ and he said no…. Ranbir was just trying to pester me and it was this whole romantic scene. At that moment, I wanted to kill him (laughs)! I thought, how is this going to happen? And then I just couldn’t control. I was feeling so overwhelmed that I just started weeping… but not weeping in front of him because of my pride and all (laughs). I went out of the room but I had my mic on so Anurag (Kashyap) heard me. And Anurag came out saying, ‘What happened to you?’ Then he was like, ‘You just go. And you just start shouting loudly’. So I went outside and just shouted like a mad person!

Riddhima: So how did you take revenge on Ranbir? 

Anushka: He understood. That way he’s sensitive. He actually realised that she must have been crying for something that had happened. Then he himself came to me at the end of the shoot saying, ‘I did too much kya? Okay, I’ll be careful next time’. He wasn’t doing it intentionally, even now he’s like…

Pramita Ghosh, t2: Ranbir, in the movie you have messy hair and a stubble, like you’re sporting right now. But personally, which look do you like better — this or clean-shaven? Which is sexier?

Ranbir: I don’t know what’s sexier (laughs)!

Anushka: I don’t like clean-shaven boys…
(That was the cue for Team t2 to go ‘ooooooooo!’ and ‘okayyyy!’ because Anushka’s boyfriend Virat Kohli is anything but clean-shaven)

Anushka: (Blushes at the response) Arre!

Ranbir: I think it’s a big effort to clean-shave… so if I’m not shooting, if I’m just vegetating, I won’t shave at all. I let my beard grow; I won’t cut my hair. So for this character, because everyone had a set notion of how I look — these
chikna city urban boy kind of roles that I’ve done — it was very important for me to have a drastic change in this
character. You know, I had to do something weird to my hair, wear a pencil moustache, that curly hairpiece because those were the Kishore Kumar kind of days.

Pramita: So that was original, that thin moustache?

Ranbir: No, because we were shooting present and past all together so I couldn’t have grown a moustache. So for this film, I did a drastic change. It was aRISK because people could find it funny also but I hope that once they see the film, it doesn’t distract them too much.

Anushka: One little wig he’s worn… and he did so much kain-kain… ‘No, don’t pull my hair, don’t pull my hair…’ In life, we women, how much we have to put on our head! And then these guys, they’re pushing us and pulling us… then they don’t think about it!

Ranbir: See, I’ll tell you… I had clips behind, like this (demonstrates) and she’s putting her hand below the clip and pulling the clip and then it comes up….

Anushka: That’s what I’m saying that we always have clips all over our hair but you don’t realise it! We don’t make a big deal out of it, that it’s hurting and all that!

Ranbir: (Laughs) Rubbish!

Chandreyee Chatterjee, t2: You’veWORKED with Karan Johar the actor and now you’re going toWORK with him as a director in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. What do you think he’ll be like as a director?

Anushka: I have no way of knowing obviously because I’ve neverWORKED with him but I can tell you one thing, I’m very excited to be part of that film. Because we’ve grown up in that time when Karan Johar films were like the ultimate keyhole into life and what’s cool and new and everything.

Priyanka: You just made him sound so old, na?

Anushka: (Laughs) I don’t think there’s any film whose dialogues I can recite like I can with Karan Johar films. I’ve seen them the maximum number of times. Because I came from Bangalore and we didn’t really watch that many Hindi films, only the big ones. I’m very happy to be part of something Karan has put his heart into. And if I can say so, being a huge fan of Karan Johar films, this film is not like that. Because he has also kind of found another angle… (looks at Ranbir) Am I right? Something like that, no?

Ranbir: I really enjoyed working with Karan Johar the actor. We all had this preconceived notion that Karan Johar is such a big name. He would come with all that baggage, you know, big producer, big director, top show host, award show host, doodhwallah… he’s mastered everything (laughs)! So I thought he would be hard to work with. He’s playing the main antagonist (Kaizad Khambatta) of the film. He’s got such an effervescent personality and he’s so lovable, how does he do it? But I think this part is written for him… because Karan Johar has this menacing, manipulating quality also and I think the way he channelised that through his character… I think he did a very goodJOB. I was very impressed with that.

As a director, I was very surprised with the kind of film that Karan Johar has written and the script of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is a total departure from what he is trying to make. He is trying to make a new-age, urban love story, so there is no sense of ‘Karan Johar’ in the film… no melodrama, no GAP sweatshirt, no hundred dancers behind you — nothing like that. It has a great character for Anushka, me and Aishwarya Rai and we are very excited to work with this combination.

Pramita: You’re playing this angry young man in Bombay Velvet. In real life, what pisses you off?

Ranbir: I’ve never been pissed off. I’ve never been in a fight. I’ve never hit
anyone. I’ve never got beaten up. (Looks at Anushka) Do I ever get angry?
Anushka: (Shakes her head) He never gets angry…
Ranbir: I’m quite detached.

Pramita: What’s the secret?

Ranbir: I was born like this. Even when I was young, my mom (Neetu Singh Kapoor) used to tell me, if I saw a snake or something, I would have no
expression on my face. I would be quite expressionless. I would put my hand on my heart because I knew my heartbeat started going faster. That was the change I felt in my body. But I don’t think externally or internally….

Asmita: You just don’t react or you don’t get angry?

Ranbir: Of course, sometimes I get pissed and get sad but in my case I think it goes away very fast. In my case I don’t think about or stress about it too much.

I always think that everything that happens, happens for the best. Sometimes I give them the benefit of the doubt. So I haven’t really got that angry yet. So far it’s been good.

Priyanka: Anushka, do you think he is human?!

Anushka: Ya! It’s not about being human but just as a person he is very detached. And that is what makes him not get angry which is a great thing.
Ranbir: I don’t think it is a great thing… so many times you don’t feel those emotions…
Anushka: See, I think it is a great thing to be detached!
Ranbir: See, it is good to be detached to materialistic things. Not to emotions or human beings. I think that sense of detachment is very important…

Disha Banerjee, second-year student of Shri Shikshayatan College and a 

Ranbir fan: Okay, which was the funniest moment youSHARED on the sets of Bombay Velvet?
Ranbir: We spent like close to 100 days together and close to 10 hours each day. There must be so many funny moments that you can’t really remember one. There was such a large cast, there was Karan, Vivaan (Shah), Satyadeep (Misra), Kay Kay (Menon), Manish Chaudhary, Anurag (Kashyap) everybody had such a strong personality… (Suddenly looks at Anushka) Are you thinking or are you reading?

Anushka: Reading (some t2 editions with articles on NH10).

Ranbir: (Continues…) So I think all of us were really inspired with theWORK at that point of time, so the fun came out of that. It wasn’t really about being off set… now the shot is not working so let’s crack jokes. I think the fun was in doing the work. Everyone was so inspired to do their work and surrendered to their parts… (To Anushka) Do you agree to what I am saying?

Anushka: Who did this interview? (Points to an NH10 interview in t2)

Ranbir: You have to concentrate on my…
Anushka: But I was focusing on my…
Ranbir: Ya but now concentrate on what I am saying.
Anushka: But I’ve heard the same thing again and again. I tried to read his interviews and I was like, ‘Heard it, heard it, heard it’.

Ridhima Ghosh, Tollywood actress and a die-hard Ranbir fan: Ranbir, I wanted to ask you something — I am also an actor and I am a huge fan of yours. I want to be like you.

Ranbir: Arre!

Ridhima: It was my dream to meet you…

(The food arrives. When t2 had met the Bombay Velvet stars in Goa earlier this week, Anushka had been craving Calcutta-style “kachori-sabzi” and Ranbir wanted “brown rosogolla and mishti doi”. So t2 had asked Bohemian’s Joymalya Banerjee to stir it up for the stars.)

Ranbir: Okay, can we all stop this for a minute? A girl was complimenting me!

Team t2 laughs out loud)

(To the food-serving brigade) Dada, ek second, thoda passing shot mein dena. (To Ridhima) So are you already an actress or are you aspiring?

Ridhima: I have done around 15 films now and my film (Fakebook) is also releasing on the same date as Bombay Velvet… May 15. So my question was when promotions happen, you have to give an equal effort…

Ranbir: Not equal, but more…

Ridhima: Yes. But I have to only do it in Calcutta and you have to do it around the country. So how do you keep your answers to similar questions interesting?

Ranbir: It’s very difficult. Promotions are the worst because I think it kills your creativity and creates so much of overexposure about you. But then it is important. You made such anEXPENSIVE film and you want people to know about it. So I think it’s a double-edged sword. People like SRK and Salman Khan don’t need to do it because people wait for their films and when it comes out people go for it. But a film like Bombay Velvet, when it comes out it doesn’t create that vibe. Like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani had superhit songs, so that is half my promotion done because people like superhit songs. But Bombay Velvet is a different genre. It’s not depending on superhit songs or glamour. It is a very dramatic and dark film. So it’s harder. And I hate promotions. She (pointing at Anushka) is actually doing back-to-back promotions in the last four months — she had PK, NH10, now this and then DDD (Dil Dhadakne Do).

Anushka: It’s horrible. It’s a horrible feeling. The other day I was doing DDD and I forgot. I was like I’m on this set, I have to talk something else now. But you keep it interesting because you don’t want to be disinterested and you want to have a good time, because you are spending so much time doing it. Sometimes it really helps to meet interesting journalists. I think for me that is when it gets interesting. The first couple of questions you know what this interview will be like. But I think nowadays even journalists are figuring out that so much of this is happening that they are trying to make it more fun and interesting.

Karo: What is the one question you want to be asked?

Ranbir: How you doing?
Anushka: Same question.
Priyanka: No one asks you that?
Anushka: No, hardly!
Priyanka: They all assume you are doing great!
Team t2 (chorus): How you doing?!
(Everyone laughs out loud)

Riddhima: Ranbir, you are hardly on social media, so we don’t really get to see the private side of you. But what are you like in your private life?

Ranbir: The best thing I love, and I guess everyone loves, is not doing anything. When you are home, you lie down and the day just goes by. You watch junk on TV. You watch movies; I play a lot of video games like FIFA on my PS3. I play football every Sunday. Whatever opportunity I get, I read. So the day just passes. I am actually not that busy, in a year I must beWORKING 120 days. So the rest of the year, I am doing nothing. I have just moved temporarily to a beautiful house, which I absolutely love because for the first time in my life I have my own space. I am the owner of it. From the boy in my father’s (Rishi Kapoor) house, and he was the man, suddenly I am responsible for everything. The sense of ownership and the sense of responsibility I have…. And I have a great view of the sea.

Karo: Do you have a dog?

Ranbir: I want to get a dog. I had two dogs; I had pugs in my father’s place, one passed away. My trainer just showed me a picture of a Staffordshire Terrier, have you heard of it? It’s a grey dog with blue eyes, so I am planning to get that.

Priyanka: Anushka, are you a dog person also?

Ranbir: She just got a dog called Dude.

Anushka: I didn’t just get him… I got him like two years ago. It’s a Lab and he’s the love of my life. I’m a huuuuge animal lover. I have named him Dude because I want him to hang out with my friends. He should feel like a part of the conversation.

Ranbir: Don’t you get confused like if you are talking to your friends you are like, ‘Hey dude, come on!’

Anushka: Now his name has become like Duddu, Duda, so everytime he hears Du, he starts to respond. The best thing is when you go back home he comes running. I mean however stressed out I might be and however irritated I might be, I just know that the moment when he says ‘hello’ to me, it means the world to me. There’s no feeling like that in the world. Nobody welcomes you, nobody give you that kind of love.

Ranbir: When my dad comes home, his pug pees all over the place. My dad is so crazy about the dog (Dudley) that he said ‘Let’s put the curtains in the house five inches above the ground and let him pee around the house’. I have never heard anyone doing that and I think it’s quite odd!

Anushka: My house runs according to my dog. It’s according to how he wants it. How things suit him.

Riddhima: My parents ask me to switch on the AC because my dogs are feeling warm!

Anushka: Exactly. My parents also want the AC to be on for the dog. That is what happens!

Ranbir: I want to get a dog. I have even thought of a name. I am thinking of Lionel, Messi’s first name.

Chandreyee: Ranbir, as you are not on social media, what do you do when you are stuck in traffic or sitting at the airport?

Ranbir: There is this application called StumbleUpon, that’s my favourite. I play video games. I was a Candy Crush fan and now there is a new game called Flick Kick, which is a football game that I play.

Priyanka: Candy Crush you went up to which level?

Ranbir: Lots. Honestly, I have spent half my earnings on it because I am not on Facebook so I had to buy lives and all that and it is a big fraud I feel, personally, as a victim. I don’t know what I do in traffic. Nothing. I am just quiet, blankly looking at the world.

Chandreyee: Anushka, what about you?

Ranbir: She is always on Twitter.

Anushka: I always check Twitter. I like reading the news, what is happening in the world, pictures of animals, funny videos.

Pramita: None of you are into Dubsmash?

Ranbir: I want to get that, yaar.

(Sneha Singhi of Paris Cafe brings in the special Bombay Velvet cake)

Ranbir: Oh my god! What is this? And what happened to him (Ranbir)?

Priyanka: You are like that on the Bombay Velvet poster!

Ranbir: Nice. I like his shorts. This is very sweet, yaar.

Anushka: Where is my phone? Let’s take a picture of this! Look your socks have come down.

Ranbir: This is very nice, yaar. It is lovely, I love it. Inside the pants, I was wearing that (pointing at the blue shorts on the Ranbir figure on the cake).

Priyanka: Now you have to cut the cake.

Ranbir: Can I cut Anushka’s neck?

(Ranbir starts singing ‘Happy birthday to Bombay Velvet’)

(To Anushka) No, no, no, don’t spoil it, she has put in so much effort! Can’t spoil it. (Takes the knife from Anushka and starts cutting the cake)

Anushka: What are you doing?!

Ranbir: Cutting pieces.

Anushka: Now you are spoiling it!

(After the cake-cutting…)

Pramita: Anushka, you are a big RCB fan. You have been to Eden Gardens also to cheer for them.

Ranbir: (To Anushka) Are you?

Priyanka: You are a Bangalorean.

Ranbir: Yes, you are Bangalorean.

Anushka: Yes (To Ranbir) Why are you answering for me?

Pramita: So, when you watch a match, are you superstitious?

Anushka: No.

Chandreyee: For your films?

Anushka: No.

Ranbir: Like do you go to a temple or something?

Anushka: No. Never. I am not superstitious at all…. When I am watching the match, I don’t look away from the ball because I am trying to figure out what is really happening. Because I have just started watching cricket and I need to figure out what is going on. But I am not superstitious. I know people who are very superstitious. I know my brother and my friend…

Ranbir: Do you know what happens when on the fourth ball it is a no-ball and you hit a six?

Anushka: (Pauses) You get six plus one more run (pauses) and you get a ball.

Ranbir: A new ball?

Anushka: You get an extra delivery.

Ranbir: (Cheers) Not bad!

Asmita: Which actor or actress would you friend-zone?

Anushka: You say (to Ranbir).

Ranbir: I am thinking.

Anushka: What exactly is friend-zone?

Karo: Someone who is your friend but you would never date.

Anushka: (Pointing towards Ranbir) We are totally like that. We are the kings of friend-zone.

Ranbir: Speak for yourself! Don’t speak for me.

Anushka: (Pointing at Ranbir again) Friend-zone.

Ranbir: I am in your friend-zone. But you can be an option in my life.

Anushka: I think I have friend-zoned everyone.

Riddhima: Have you been friend-zoned by anyone who you would have liked to date?

Anushka: I am dating someone I like! Ranbir, you have to answer now, ya.

Ranbir: Give me options.

Pramita: Alia, Deepika, Parineeti…

Ranbir: Anushka. It is the absolute truth. We’ve friend-zoned each other.

Pramita: What about someone in Hollywood?

Ranbir: Jennifer Lawrence.

Anushka: You can’t friend-zone her. You love her.

Ranbir: Oh ya! Sorry. I don’t want to friend-zone anyone. Maybe, all the guys.

Priyanka: You have to choose a girl!

Ranbir: Jennifer Lawrence then. I’d like to have her as a friend.

Priyanka: Anushka, what about you?

Ranbir: It would be good to have Johnny Depp as a friend.

Anushka: Ya, friend-zone Johnny Depp…. Let him know my decision! (Laughs)

(Ranbir and Anushka exchange a buddy hug)

Ranbir: Aaj se hum dost hain!

Anushka: You’re my bro!

Riddhima: I am sure you get these really crazy pick-up lines. Can you (Ranbir) use a pick-up line on her and you (Anushka) use a pick-up line on him?

Anushka: I have never got any. I swear to god, never.

Ranbir: Abhi tak tum sharma rahi thi, kyunki tumhara naam Anushka Sharma hai. Ab besharam ho jao.

(Team t2 erupts with cheers and claps)

Anushka: Usne pehle bhi bola tha yeh line. When he had become besharam (as in acting in his film Besharam), he was behaving badly with everyone around him. I swear to god…. I don’t know any pick-up line… please don’t ask meeee!

Priyanka: (To Ranbir) What kind of a girlfriend is she?

Ranbir: To whom? To whoever, her respectivePARTNER? She is quite the pativrata type, lunch pe baat karna, subah baat karna, if she is going somewhere… I would be happy if I had a girlfriend like her who would make me comfortable. She is quite good that way.

Priyanka: Anushka, what kind of boyfriend is he?

Anushka: How can I answer that question?! Based on the number of phone calls he answers? I think he is a good boyfriend. He answers his phone! (Cue for Ranbir to check his phone as a joke!) And whenever I’ve seen him with his girlfriend, they’ve always seemed very nice and happy to me. So I am guessing he is a good boyfriend only. Since she is still with him!

Pramita: Last question. If you had to click the ultimate selfie, who would you have in it?

Anushka: I am going to say Chaplin. (To Ranbir) Because then you’ll say I copied it. So I am going to say it before!

Ranbir: Messi, Chaplin, Raj Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence…

Anushka: I don’t care for a selfie.  Ranbir: You don’t want Virat in your selfie?

Anushka: Really! I don’t take selfies.

Ranbir: Sachin Tendulkar?

Anushka: Hardly!

Priyanka: If you had to take a dualfie? With one other person?

Karo: Then toh obviously Virat!

Anushka: No, why I’ll take with Virat?!

Ranbir: Waheeda Rehman?

Anushka: Ya, I should have taken a selfie with her when I met her. Damn it!

Ranbir: Say it now na.

Anushka: Okay Waheeda Rehman.

Ranbir: Good.

Source: telegraphindia

Anushka said, “The way I am as a person is drastically different from Rosie in Bombay Velvet.

 anushka sharma, rosie, bombay velvet
Anushka said: “I am very excited because I always wanted to do the kind of work that I am doing right now.”
Written by Sunitra Pacheco | Mumbai | Published on:May 11, 2015 5:47 pm

After starring in the highest-grossing Indian film of all time, ‘PK’ and more recently turning producer with her last release, ‘NH10’, Anushka Sharma is at the absolute peak of her career. And no, it doesn’t end there, the actress will soon be seen onscreen as the beautiful and talented jazz singer, Rosie in Anurag Kashpay’s forthcoming crime drama, ‘Bombay Velvet’. It will then be followed by Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ that has Anushka sharing screen space with a stellar cast including Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Shefali Shah and Farhan Akhtar.

“I am very excited because I always wanted to do the kind of work that I am doing right now. You want to do different roles and work with different directors and when you work with a range of directors, you get a distinct performance and distinct films to your credit. So, I’m very happy that this is the phase that I’m going through in my career. And I’m getting to work with talented actors like Ranbir Kapoor who add so much value to me, my films and my performances,” said Anushka Sharma at a recent ‘Bombay Velvet’ promotional event.

On being asked if she is similar to her character, Rosie from the film, she says, “The way I am as a person is drastically different, so much so that I would judge the way that she would react in situations because my reaction would be very upfront and she is not confrontational and expressive as a person. And that’s something I could never relate to as a result I could never rely on my natural instincts to play the character.”

Anushka also spoke about Neeti Mohan who has lent her voice to most of the film’s songs. “I had to make people believe that I was singing those songs, because Neeti Mohan has done such a fab job with the music, and sometimes that is a problem also because she’s so good.”

A certain scene from the ‘Bombay Velvet’ trailer has quite a few comparing the actress to veteran beauty, Rekha from ‘Parineeta’. “That’s a huge compliment. I think Rekha is definitely a huge icon and beautiful woman, who has inspired so many people. My mother is a big fan of hers and tells me at every award show that she wants to meet her. And that’s something I think I should make happen,” says a smiling Anushka.

Intimate scenes may be a common sight in Bollywood, but Anushka Sharma- Ranbir Kapoor’s chemistry in the movie BOMBAY VELVET has gained special attention ever since the movie trailer was out.
Ranbir Kapoor, who along with Anushka Sharma was present at BOMBAY VELVET game launch event, talked about kissing & intimate scenes in films, “I believe that as actors, there is no difference between kissing scenes, action & songs. 100 people are watching us, cameras are over us, so it’s not like we are enjoying or taking advantage of that as actors. We are acting. When we die in movies, we aren’t dying for real.”
“Thankfully, Anushka & I were friends before the movie came to us. So we had a lot of comfort level. She is a wonderful actor. But I think with the type of actor she is, she doesn’t carry any baggage inside her, she doesn’t judge you &WORKS openly. She only wants that the movie/ scenes are good. I think when the actor in front of you has such intentions & approaches your role in that manner, then it is easy for you as well,” he added.
Further Ranbir Kapoor asked his co-star Anushka Sharma about intimate scenes with him, to which she said, “I don’t kiss & tell.”
An interesting reply Anushka madam, must say!
Source: bollywoodtrade

Anushka Sharma is the only actress who can claim to have been directed by both a Yash Chopra and a Raju Hirani. The best part of her stardom is that she does not have the trappings of a star. She may be emotional and feisty, but she is also sorted and has today a grip on her emotions. At the core, she is simple and has simple fundas that she follows. Ahead of her upcoming romantic period film ‘Bombay Velvet’, Anushka talks to Bombay Times about her real life romance with Virat Kohli, what makes them so similar and why football fans outside India are more loyal than cricket fans in India. Excerpts:

Ranveer Singh recently said how you now have a grip on your emotions that you did not have earlier, and how you are a sorted person. Has that change really happened?
Yes, there is a change. It just happens with experience and age. I want to evolve as an actor, but most importantly, I want to evolve as a person. I want to be in control of how I feel. When I came into the industry, I wasn’t ready for either the adulation or the scrutiny. I was anxious when I had come in but was very confident about myWORK. Over time, you start understanding what is really important for you. I have always had a strong family support and have always lived with my parents and brother. Also I was very clear about my career and knew the films I wanted to go after. So the nonsense gets cut off as I am clear about the fact that I don’t want to be No 1. I don’t have to be present in all kinds of faltu things. I want to be relevant for theWORK I have done and not for how popular I am. It’s great that with this I get popularity also. But once you realise what is important for you and let go of things you don’t want, you can take decisions like doing anNH10 as it comes with stability in your head and conviction. So my security really comes from what I don’t want to do. And now I am becoming sure of even what I want to do and that development is taking place. Also what really can be important for you in your life is either yourWORK or your personal life. And I get stability from both.

Anurag Kashyap is really impressed with the way you have learnt to control yourself and be calm. In fact he fondly said how Virat’s presence in your life has brought this change and he, in fact, wants to learn from you. Do you feel that Virat has brought about this change?
I don’t think I would have been open to a relationship had I not been feeling stable already. In fact, I would not have taken on a relationship at the level I am with Virat, if I myself was not feeling like a proper person. It’s only because I started feeling sorted two years back when I met Virat that I was open to the beautiful relationship that we have right now. So it came together at the right time, but also, it is true that people do that to one another. When you respect and love each other for the right reasons and for the real reasons, that’s when you bring that stability and calmness in one another. Why do we say that our family and friends bring us stability? They bring stability as they love us for the real reasons. They are not seeking anything from you. I can’t stress the importance of the ‘real’ part enough. Virat is family to me and we want each other to be happy. If my parents or brother or Virat were upset, it would upset me but those are the only people who are important for me and can change my mood. Earlier I would give that power to anybody, but that power is today only with them. Now no one else has the power over me.

Virat told me how the quality he likes the most in you is your honesty and simplicity and that you are real as he too, is like that. What do you like about him the most?
I like the exact same things that he likes about me. Not many people know that me and Virat are very similar and we are actually the same people. It’s very scary as it is actually like that. He is also someone who right from the beginning of his career knew what he wanted and I can say the same thing about myself. We keep thinking that shit it can’t be more similar. We are both kids who come from middle-class backgrounds and are both kids who did well on our own. Nobody helped us or opened that gate for us to say aao andar aao. And we didn’t follow the beaten path and we took the beating for not following the beaten path. He went through the same things as I. He was judged on his tattoos, his aggression that today people celebrate. Both of us are clear today about what we want.

However strong you could be, no one can remain insulated from what happened during the World cup this time.
It was obviously very harsh. But you have no option and you have to find a way of dealing with it. It was very nasty what was being said. It was like bullying and regressive. And it is sad to know that this is how people think about women being these kind of Mandakinis who are there to distract men rather than the contribution they make to society. With both Virat and me, individually, we know where we stand with each other. We know what impact both of us have on each other and no one else needs to know that. And whether people know the wrong or the right thing has no bearing on our relationship. We are both very good at cutting that chatter out and such things only test you and in a way and it has only made us stronger and closer. I come from an army background where my father always taught me to be brave and a young confident woman so this was wrong at every level. On the other hand, I felt very bad for Virat as here is a guy who went and played a cricket match for his team when his dad passed away and then went for his last rites. I know Virat’s passion, even passion is a lesser word to describe what he feels towards his game and when I see that and see how people reacted, I felt very hurt for him. But then it’s like the same when your one film does not do well people say all kinds of things but that is only till your next good Friday. With him too that is true only till his next 100.

Did you feel proud as a girlfriend when he held your hand proudly coming out of the airport? He told us that for him, it was about respecting his relationship.
I have always done what is right for me and he has always done what is right for him. We are not people who have thought if that was socially the right thing to do. For us all these things were very normal and organic, it was not a statement we were trying to make to anybody. People say I don’t know why celebrities don’t open up about their relationship, you please tell me, do people know how to respect people in a relationship? And whatever people might say, we will continue being the same with each other and that is something we both have understood. And it’s something we have prepared ourselves with. It used to happen earlier in small small ways, with the World Cup, it happened in a big way but we now know that it is a part of life. And if it happens 17 more times it doesn’t make a difference. At the end of the day, these are some really silly people saying some really silly things.

Since you have seen the world of cricket through Virat as an insider, how does a player feel when his loved ones feel the impact of his performance on the field?
In India, whether it is cricket or anything else that India loves a lot, be it your husband who first beats you at night and then in the morning claims to love you, that’s really the relationship that people have. But that’s not love. If you talk about sportsmanship and when people say that this is my favourite football team or club outside India, those fans cry with their players when they lose. That’s team loyalty, but thinking that we are with you only when times are good, what loyalty is that?

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Its pay back time, Ranbir! Anushka Sharma pranked Ranbir Kapoor, who earlier accepted of making her cry with his pranks on the sets of Bombay Velvet while shooting. The entire team ofBombay Velvet just returned from Goa. While on their way back, the whole cast was exhausted, including Ranbir, who decided to take a quick nap. Just when the actor let his guard down,Anushka let her “wonky” side out. The Barfi actor was sound sleeping when Anushka put a glass of soft drink right under his nose. It was a funny incident and director of the film, Anurag Kashyap, who was watching everything, instantly snapped a picture.

Later, the director took to his official InstagramACCOUNT and shared the image. He captioned it, “This is what too much promotion does to actors, one is exhausted another completely wonky@anushkasharma

The actress reposted the image by writing, “Wake up Sid and smell the Pepsi.” We have to give it to Anushka for her cleverness! You go girl!

With the film’s promotions, things aren’t just it yet. Yes, the team is very busy promoting their film. Only few hours back Anushka and Ranbir took off to another event to promote their much anticipated upcoming film Bombay Velvet.

Directed by Anurag Kashyap, Bombay Velvet will take us on a journey of Johnny Balraj played by Ranbir Kapoor, who sets out fighting all the odds just to fulfil his dream of becoming a big shot in the city. Based on Gyan PrakashBOOK called Mumbai Fables, the film is a story of how a man’s dream becomes every man’s nightmare. The film also stars Karan Johar in a negative role and Kay Kay Menon, Raveena Tandon and Manish Chaudhary. The film is all set to hit the theatres on May 15, 2015.

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“I wouldn’t want to answer that.” Anushka Sharma stonewalls me right off the bat. She’s on the phone from Kolkata and I’ve asked her how she’s spending the short vacation her publicist informed me she’s on. Now I’m wondering how we will ever move on from this horrible awkwardness. And I strike again.

“So where are you right now?”

“On a personal visit,” she shuts me down again.

The last time I spoke to the 26-year-old actor was in 2011, back when she was still playing out the rambunctious motormouth, laughing large, firing away the quotable quotes and, as she then told me, yet to find love. The Anushka of 2015 couldn’t be further from that. This one is seething, skittish and gravely in love. Her relationship with Virat Kohli, star of the Indian cricket team, has, as a matter of fact, eclipsed the consistently quality work she has come to be known for.

We’re talking just days after Indian Twitter sunk its talons into her. Again. She’s previously been slammed for being too fat, too thin, too unnaturally enhanced. And this time, incredibly, for India’s loss at the Cricket World Cup semi-finals in Sydney, after Kohli scored a fateful one run. The brickbats came in hard and fast: “Never liked the ugly anushka sharma. Shes a sign of bad luck and her films should be boycotted,” tweeted one patriot. Another condemned her and us all: “I request to public to boycott Anushka Sharma’s films. He is real #DESHDROHI whoever will watch her film anymore.” Kamaal R Khan, everybody’s favourite troll, exhorted people to “go n throw stones at the house of Anushka Sharma who is the main reason for the defeat of India.” Emotional members of The Congress and National Student’s Union of India (NSUI) set Sharma’s effigy on fire in Gwalior. And these were the milder reactions.

On theirRETURN from Sydney, the couple was photographed exiting the Mumbai airport, Kohli defiantly holding her hand for  the  paps to  photograph. Later, he issued a rambling, loved-up defense of her at a promotional event for his IPL team. Sharma? Said nothing. She has thrown fits in the past — snapping at TV journalists prodding her about Kohli, calling a BCCI official “primitive” when he branded all girlfriends accompanying cricketers on big tournaments a “distraction”. It was the kind of sass you expected of her and were comfortable around. But this icy silence is brand new. I think the hate has finally rattled her.

I explain that I’m asking about what she’s up to only because I’m wondering how she’s managing time off, now that she has to balance being on sets and producing films. Sharma recently teamed up with her brother Karnesh to start Clean Slate Films, whose maiden vehicle was the slasher-thriller NH10. “It’s tough to manage,” she agrees, the edge in her voice softening. “But you want to take time off to feel close to yourself, gather your bearings and then go back to work.”

This girl should be whooping and preening, you think, not sounding as sombre as she does. NH10 was aSUCCESS by every measure. It did well at the box office, was a largely good production — and she put the fear of god in us as the victim-turned-vigilante in the blood-soaked drama set in Haryana’s heartland. For a young, popular actor deciding to put her muscle behind a story that she chose instinctively, she didgood.

Sharma says it was the script that convinced her to do it. “I’ve always been open to new things. I knew that a project like this would be hard and would take some courage. You’re constantly fighting for your ideas, for the director’s ideas, and trying to avoid the trappings of commercial cinema — it’s an ugly task.” Her brother was a huge source of confidence. “It really helps to be in this together. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without him,” she says. Perhaps it shows incredible foresight on the part of a female actor in Bollywood, who will eventually deal with the harsh realities of having a shelf life. But it doesn’t seem like Sharma to be insecure about the future. Or anything. “Everything I do, or have done, comes fromSTRONG, clear belief and that’s why I don’t have any regrets,” she says. Her company’s next venture with first-time director Akshat Verma is already in the incubator and steadily developing buzz.

Talking about her work is the best way to draw out the Anushka of times past. By this juncture, she’sRETURNED to a more recognisable affability — she’s excited, she talks fast, almost tumbling over her words, as she describes the “life-changing experience” thatBombay Velvet has been. When Anurag Kashyap approached her to play an aspiring ’60s jazz singer in his period gangster film four years ago, she was fresh out of theSUCCESS of Band Baaja Baaraat. The words “lively” and “feisty” were being used to describe her a lot. “I was like, is he serious? How is he seeing me in this role?” she says, surprised not because she felt the pressure of his expectations, but because someoneSHARED her utter belief in herself. “I knew I could play clearly distinctive characters.”

She wasn’t prepared for what a creative tipping point the experience would be. “Every day I would walk on to the set and watch them recreate theCITY of Bombay — I felt like I belonged to that world. You realise that you’re capable of doing so much more when you’re surrounded by people who are consumed by their work; it’s like the whole world is enabling you to perform. The film changed me as an actor.”

You won’t see her eschewing big-ticket films to be an indie aesthete, though. Sharma has Zoya Akhtar’s multi-starrer cruise-family-dramaDil Dhadakne Do to look forward to in June, and is starting work on Karan Johar’s film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, about “unrequited love”, alongside Ranbir Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, in July. She represents the new Bollywood that knowsBETTER than to pigeonhole itself as one thing or the other — they only follow good stories because the payoff is now inarguable.

When I eventually bring up the cyber-bullying, it is most gingerly,COMPLETELY risking losing her to stony silence once more. Somehow, she’s not pissed off; she’s more wistful. “It’s sad that people aren’t evolved enough to deal with two people being in a relationship. It’s like high-school teasing. But it doesn’t matter to us.” Then silence. Does she feel tha—“We are discussing something which is quite ridiculous!” she’s suddenly livid again. “A bunch of silly people who said a bunch of silly things! Any half-intelligent human being knows that. I know who I am, I know my relationship and I know how professional I am.”

Okay okay, she doesn’t care and is unaffected, totally fine, no problem, but what gives her such a thick skin? They may helm two of the country’s biggest industries, live and work in the public eye, and surf the tide of popular opinion, but Kohli and Sharma are also just two 26-year-olds in mad love, trying to do regular couple things like hanging out, being touchy-feely and cheerleading for each other. SharmaCREDITS her fauji upbringing for all her best qualities: “I don’t look for emotional support in other people,” she says, quietly. I can tell our conversation is at its end. “I only hold close what’s important to me, like my family, friends and my work. Everything else is a murmur — just noise.” Oh, how this is going to piss off all the haters.

Photographs: Suresh Natarajan; Styling: Malini Banerji; Creative Director: Prashish More; Make-up and Hair: Namrata Soni; Production: Parul Menezes; Assisted by: Akanksha Kamath, Arushi Parakh and Veronna Parikh (Styling); Arti Nayar (make-up and hair)

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Anushka Sharma

Best.Outfit.Ever! No really, I’ve been crushing hard on all Anushka Sharma‘s promotional looks and this one just topped my list. Yes she did mixed prints amazingly here and here, but there’s something about head to toe white that just does it for me. If it comes in a cut like this Bhaavya Bhatnagar number, then it just getsBETTER! I’m this close to asking Deepika Padukone‘s style to move over…yes, I said it!

In an asymmetrical top and white trousers (no I can’t tell if that’s one piece or separates), Anushka stepped out for the music launch of Dil Dhadakne Do wearing coral and tan shoes and a clean top knot. The event was held outdoors so that top knot was obviously a genius idea.


Anushka Sharma

We’re clapping too Anushka, for your style of course! I have no tips to give you on how to wear it, because it can’t get more flawless than this. But, when you do wear something like this, remember:

1. Coral pairs almost too well with white. Add a clutch or shoes in that colour and you’re good to go.
2. Meanwhile your makeup can be minimal and coral can coat your lips too.
3. If you’re making a top knot like her, danglers on your ears are always a good idea.


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